Sized to meet your daily needs

For so many women the choice are (1) Carry the beautifully stylish handbag that scores low on practicality meaning also carry a laptop bag or (2) Carry a big clunky laptop bag that scores very low of style

We don't think you should have to make this choice. So ZALA bags are not only stylish and beautiful, but also practically sized to comfortably fit all the daily essentials. 


Expertly crafted, durable straps and handles

Most women's bags are not built for hardwearing, they are built to look nice. So straps and handles break and tear under the weight of the average daily contents. 

ZALA bags are made with strong, double re-inforced straps and handles that are made to carry the weight of the things you need to carry


Strong, durable long-lasting zips

Many women's bags come with flimsy zips that  are little more than a decorative feature. These zips stick or stop running smoothly within a few weeks of daily use.

ZALA bag use premium Brand XXX  zips that are specifically engineered and built for everyday use but still look stylish and run smooth for many, many uses.


Beautiful and resilient inside and out

So many bags have bland, boring interior that are also flimsy, dirt traps that are nearly impossible to clean.

ZALA bags are lined with beautiful xxx fabric that is treated with yyy to increase stain resistant. The occasional wipe down with our specially formulated Bag Lining Refresher Spray should keep the inside of your bag looking fresh.